Pooches 'n' Whatnot

2016 RATES

20 Minute visit - $18   30 Minute visit - $20

, including walk and care, are $18 for 20 min. and $20 for 30 min.  In most cases multiple pets are at the same rate, but price may vary depending  on specific requests. 


I offer both short and long visits. Carefully designed visits allows for more one on one "visit" time with your pet. Rather than just taking care of the basics, i.e., walking or refilling water dishes, my visits are filled with play and stimulation to enrich our time together.



20 Minute visit - $27  30 Minute visit - $30

  2016 HOLIDAYS  

  Friday 1-Jan
New Year's Day 2016  

  Sunday 27-Mar
Easter 2016  

  Monday 30-May
Memorial Day 2016  

  Monday 4-Jul
Independence Day 2016  

  Monday 5-Sep
Labor Day 2016  

  Thursday 24-Nov
Thanksgiving 2016  

  Sunday 24-Dec
Christmas Eve 2016  

  Sunday 25-Dec
Christmas Day 2016  

  Saturday 31-Dec
New Year's Eve 2016  



  2017 HOLIDAYS  

  Sunday 1-Jan
New Year's Day 2017  

  Sunday 16-Apr
Easter 2017  

  Monday 29-May
Memorial Day 2017  

  Tuesday 4-Jul
Independence Day 2017  

  Monday 4-Sep
Labor Day 2017  

  Thursday 23-Nov
Thanksgiving 2017  

  Monday 25-Dec
Christmas Eve 2017  

  Monday 25-Dec
Christmas Day 2017  

  Sunday 31-Dec
New Year's Eve 2017