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Just let us know when, where and for how long! We will visit your dogs, cats and other critters when you need us! Our visits and walks start at 30 minutes and can be lengthened in 15 minute increments to fit as needed.

$25 - 30 min. visit or up to 2 dogs walked

          May vary with number of pets and/or 

 $5 -  Each additional pet or 15 minutes of care


If you are looking for more than a walk, a playdate may be just what your pooch needs. We will pick up your pooch for play and drop them home afterward. 

Social interaction is a vital part of your pooch's happiness. Sometimes pooches just need to run around like a goofballs with their friends. Others may shag balls til the cows come home! Still some may just need some time away from home for socialization or to reduce boredom. 

$40 - Approximately 60 minutes. Days and times may vary and are limited to 8 pooches. 



Pooches Sitter will stay with your pet(s) in your home while you’re away. Your pets will be more comfortable in the environment and routine they know best. On the couch watching their favorite mini-series? Munching on their special treats? Hogging all of the bed with love? Whatever they are used to doing and playing, we are there beside them. Our sitter will do their utmost to ease any separation anxiety they might have by maintaining their routine.

We will set up a meet and greet for you to meet your sitter and go over your pets care schedule with any additional instructions you would like to provide. Our overnight sittings include at least three walks or potty breaks for your pups. If we will be caring for felines we will keep their potty area fresh and clean.  We can also look after any indoor plants you may have, retrieve your mail, and take out the trash. Call for more details.

$100 - Day and Overnight care in your home 

           May vary with number of pets and/or specialized care



What’s the next best thing to your home? Our home of course! Your pooch will receive great care in a home environment much like yours. They will get plenty of individualized attention and socialization.  All of our pets are long-time pet hosts welcoming newbies.   A crate can be provided if needed for potty or other training purposes. Call for more details.

$100 - Boarding in our home